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About The Galway Roast

In 2008, the journey of The Galway Roast began in the charming town of Tuam, located in County Galway. Niall Murphy, the visionary founder, embarked on a mission to create his own unique blend of coffee beans for the local café. To kickstart this endeavor, Niall purchased a 1 kilo roaster all the way from Turkey. However, he didn't stop there. Determined to perfect his craft, Niall traveled to London to attend a roasting course, where he experimented with various coffee beans and blends. It was during this time that "The Galway Roast" was born.

Word quickly spread about Niall's exceptional coffee beans, and orders started pouring in. With countless late nights and early mornings, Niall realized it was time to upgrade his roaster after just six months. In December 2010, the new roaster arrived, marking a significant milestone for The Galway Roast. Since then, the brand has experienced continuous growth and success.

The Galway Roast prides itself on its signature blend, which consists of three distinct coffee beans: Brazil, Guatemalan, and Honduras. Each bean is meticulously hand-roasted in small batches and then expertly combined using their own secret method. This meticulous process ensures that every cup of The Galway Roast coffee delivers an unparalleled taste experience.

However, like many businesses, The Galway Roast faced challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. Niall had to adapt and find new ways to reach coffee lovers. With a strong focus on online sales, The Galway Roast built a loyal following among home coffee enthusiasts. This shift in strategy allowed the brand to thrive even in uncertain times.

The Galway Roast's dedication and commitment to excellence caught the attention of the prestigious Lidl Kickstart development program. As a result, their coffee can now be found on the shelves of Lidl stores across Ireland. This partnership has further solidified The Galway Roast's reputation as a premium coffee brand, loved and trusted by coffee connoisseurs throughout the country.